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Kids' Room Evolution Part 1

We are currently in the process of adding on to and renovating our little hill country bungalow, which has me going through old photos and remembering the small changes we have already made over the last four years of being in our forever home. You see, just a little over four years ago, we made the move to Mason, Texas (we sold our 80 acres out west and bought a tiny little craftsman bungalow on 2 acres in the hillcountry...because unfortunately that is the difference in land and housing costs between the two locations). We fell in love with the large oak trees in the yard and the feeling of being in the country, although we are just on the edge of town, along with cute charm of the home, so we bought the two bedroom one bath house knowing we would eventually have to add on. And then COVID hit and materials skyrocketed and it has felt like this renovation was NEVER going to happen. But here we are...about four months in and it is finally happening! Our bed has been in our dining room for FOUR MONTHS!!! LOL! But it is so exciting! So one of the additions we are doing is adding on two new bedrooms for the kids to each have their separate space. (View that post here.) They have been sharing a bedroom their whole lives and with them being a boy and girl, we just know the time is nearing that they each need their own room. I can't wait to make that happen. So here is a look back at how their shared room has evolved over the last four years as they have grown from ages 2 and 4 to ages 6 and 8.

Here is what the room looked like when we first moved in. Navey had the slide bed from our previous home and Hank had a simple twin bed.

Then we decided to replace Hank's twin bed with a daybed for the option of having the trundle underneath for when we had guests. You can also see that the toys seem to keep accumulating...

Here is a photo of the trundle bed in action for our cousin sleep over for Hank's birthday! <3

And then a year and a half ago, the kids had outgrown their "little kid" beds and were ready for some "big kid" while they were gone to their grandparents' in Louisiana for summer vacation, we decided to surprise them with a bedroom makeover! We chose these Kane Twin Loft Beds from Walmart (one in white and one in black), bought some new bedding and night lights, and cleaned out and re-organized their toys.

And here was their less than enthusiastic reaction...LOL - but they really were excited!

Stay tuned for the progress on their new rooms, hopefully to be complete in the coming months! :)

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