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We Are Martin Hollow

Are you wondering who we are and what we do? Read on to find out!

It was about 6-7 years ago, give or take a few months, and we had just purchased 80 acres of land at the edge of the Texas hill country. The land was kind of a bowl shape, surrounded by a large hill on three sides, with a semi-flat area in the center, and peppered with large oaks and mesquite. We planned to build our forever home on that land, so we decided we needed to name it and with our last name being "Martin", my husband came up with "Martin Hollow". It immediately felt right and felt like home, so it stuck. Shortly thereafter, he was presented with the opportunity to start his own business as a hunting outfitter, which also required a name. Once again, Martin Hollow seemed fitting, so Martin Hollow Outfitters was born. I had also decided to re-brand my then photography business and also chose the name Martin Hollow films and photos. Fast forward a year or so and life had happened and plans had changed. We decided maybe we weren't really ready to settle in that area after all and that maybe somewhere else was meant to be our home. With so many dreams attached to that piece of land, it was a difficult decision to sell it and give up our "Martin Hollow", but one day it just hit us...

We are Martin Hollow. Not some piece of land...but US, our family. WE ARE MARTIN HOLLOW.

With that realization, we were able to sell the land and move forward in peace, even deeper into the Texas hill country. Now, four years later, with Martin Hollow Outfitters continuing to be a successful business (Thank you, Jesus!), and with never ending requests for shirts, caps, and other gear...we have decided to expand to include ALL of those we have met along the way who have offered support either through personal friendship or business relations. You have helped get us to where we are. We are ALL Martin Hollow. And we thank you.

We Are Martin Hollow

After a 10+ year run in the photography business, I was feeling the need to start a new passion and craved a new creative outlet. Judd's business was still a booming success, (Thank you, Jesus!), and was allowing me to be a stay at home mom, but then both my kids started school and I was feeling the pull to find a productive way to use my time. Judd was getting endless requests for gear touting the Martin Hollow name and logo and one day he said, "you know, this doesn't just have to be about my hunting business." And I realized he was right. So our second business adventure, We Are Martin Hollow, was born. We love the outdoors, and the majority of our family time or vacations are spent somewhere we can hike, canoe, swim, or explore in some way. So why not offer casual apparel celebrating just that? So here we are.

We are Martin Hollow. Adventure, celebrated. And we would love for you to join us.

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